Cork wall

Durable material with high elasticity

Anti-allergic, thermal and ecological

The most popular natural cork products

Natural cork is a versatile material that is used in many products. Here are some of the most popular natural cork products that are eagerly bought:
Bottle stoppers: Natural cork stoppers are widely used as wine bottle stoppers. They have an excellent ability to seal the bottle and provide protection against air ingress, which is crucial for maintaining the freshness and quality of the wine.
Cork pads and graters: Natural cork is also used to make cork pads and graters. Cork placemats are popular as table surface protection against stains and damage. Cork graters, on the other hand, are useful in the kitchen for grating citrus peels or spices.
Cork flooring: Natural cork is used to produce innovative flooring. Cork floors are comfortable, warm, soft for the feet and great at absorbing sounds. In addition, cork is ecological and renewable, which contributes to the popularity of this type of floor.
Insulation products: Natural cork is used as an insulating material in various products. It can be used as a cork wall for acoustic and thermal insulation in construction, in products for the automotive industry or in household items, such as insulating mats or corks for insulating bottles.
Handicrafts: Natural cork is often used as a material in handicrafts, such as jewelry, handbags, phone cases and coasters. Its natural structure and texture is perfect for a variety of creative projects. One of the most famous accessories are cork boards that can be placed on the wall.
It is worth noting that the use of natural cork is not limited to the products listed above. Its flexibility, lightness, insulating properties and durability make it an attractive material for many industries and innovative projects.

Cork - the bark of the cork oak

The bark of the cork oak, also known as bark, has several characteristic properties that make it unique and valuable. Here are some important properties of cork oak bark:

Flexibility: The bark of the cork oak is very flexible, which means it can easily be bent and deformed and then return to its original shape. Thanks to this property, cork can be easily adapted to various applications.
Lightness: The bark of the cork oak is very light. In fact, it is one of the lightest materials known. This feature makes cork comfortable to use and ideal for products that require a low weight, such as cork flooring or jewelry.
Thermal insulation: Cork of the cork oak has high thermal insulation. It acts as a natural barrier against heat flow, making it an effective insulating material. This property makes cork used in construction to provide thermal protection and reduce heat loss.

Sound insulation: The bark of the cork oak also has excellent sound insulation properties. It acts as a natural sound dampener, absorbing and reducing sounds. This is why cork is often used as a flooring material to reduce noise and echoes indoors.

Moisture and water resistance: The bark of the cork oak is naturally resistant to moisture and water. As a result, cork is not easily damaged by moisture, making it ideal for use in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Fire Resistance: The bark of the cork oak is also quite fire resistant. Under the influence of high temperature, the cork burns slowly, without releasing toxic substances. This is an important safety feature, especially when cork is used in construction.

All these properties make cork oak bark a valuable material that is widely used in various industries, such as construction, furniture industry, floor production, packaging and handicrafts.

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